Train Simulator Scenario creator?

Are you a scenario creator making scenario's which may not be published on the Steam Workshop because you use besides Steam Payware, Thirdparty payware or freeware? Join us! And publish your scenario on Third Rails for free, and make this the central Workshop for mixed asset scenario's! Drop me an email beentrain (at) or... Continue Reading →

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ThirdRails Multiplayer Radar and Map Tool

Looking for ThirdRails Multiplayer Community Radar and ThirdRails Map Tool? ThirdRails has moved to What is ThirdRails?ThirdRails Map Tool is a free live map tracker for the Dovetail Train Simulator game. It follows your train on beautiful maps so you always will know your whereabouts.It also Extends Train Simulator gameplay with real schedule drives (Real... Continue Reading →

ThirdRails for Rookies

Although the installation and use of ThirdRails is hassle free and straight forwarded, all the posibilities can be a bit overwhelming for new users. In this article I will try to explain all the basic functions of ThirdRails from a helicopter view perspective.For the more detailed functions please take a look at the ThirdRails Online Help.... Continue Reading →

RJ 735 Wien HBF – Maribor 3

Part 3 Bruck/Mur - Spielfeld Strass Finally you are in Bruck/Mur. Now the boarding takes place and soon you will continue the ride. Though the dispatcher informs you as usual, watch out for signals and especially for speed reductions. Slow down early enough, otherwise you will get the Emergency Breaks. First stop in Graz HBF.... Continue Reading →

RJ 735 Wien HBF – Maribor 2

Part 2 Wr.Neustadt - Bruck/Mur Part 2 gets you from Wr.Neustadt to Bruck/Mur. On the way to Neunkirchen there are little Problems with the PZB and Signals. But you will manage it with the help of your dispatcher. Enjoy the ride over Semmering leading to the „ Steirerland „ the green heart of Austria.In Bruck/Mur... Continue Reading →

RJ 735 Wien HBF – Maribor 1

Part 1 Wien HBF - Wr.Neustadt For the Suedbahn Wien – WrN you have to disable „ Game finished when passing a red Signal „. Its because of the Shunting Groundsignals.Try to keep the permited speed, but not to fast or slow, moderate. Sometimes the dispatcher gives you information about Signals , speedlimits or overriding... Continue Reading →

ThirdRails EBuLa #1

EBuLa, first introduced by Deutsche Bundsbahn (DB) is an electronic timetable onboard device. EBuLa is an addition to the ThirdRails GPS-R device and will help you with your "Next Stop" announcements. ThirdRails bringing your service to live! This short, early preview, video shows how the EBuLa device will work. With the EBuLa device you... Continue Reading →

EC 163 – Transalpin

Take charge of the EC 163 -Transalpin- (Zurich-Graz) on this beautiful spring morning. In part one of  this two part serie you will drive from Bludenz to Landeck am Zams in the second part you will continue to Innsbruck. You are drive the ÖBB 1116 (RWA Railjet advanced version) in double traction with Swiss stock. You... Continue Reading →

Waverley Depot Run (Scenario)

Description: Your task today is to drive this ECS move from Haymarket depot to Edinburgh Waverley Platform 15. A short but relatively slow run, should take around 10 - 15 minutes. This is my first scenario uploaded to the website and I've tried to keep required DLC at a minimum. Feel free to comment any... Continue Reading →

Easy Sunday haul on the Brenner

Today you have to bring 32 taschenwagen from Innsbruck to Brennero with a double traction of Vectron BR 193 locs. It is a beautiful summer day so conditions are perfect compared by last winter hauls. It is a quiet Sunday afternoon and traffic is low on the Brenner pass, so no problems to be expected.... Continue Reading →

Intermodal transport Southbound – Part 3

Part 3: Heavy hauling on the Brenner in severe weather In this cross workshop scenario series you are driving the BR 189 Dispolok with 30 TaschenWagen freight cars, carrying truck trailers, from Munich Ost via Rosenheim to Brennero. In part 3 you will drive from Fritzens-Wattens to Brennero. The weather is really bad, a huge snowstorm... Continue Reading →

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