Train Simulator Scenario creator?

Are you a scenario creator making scenario’s which may not be published on the Steam Workshop because you use besides Steam Payware, Thirdparty payware or freeware?

Join us! And publish your scenario on Third Rails for free, and make this the central Workshop for mixed asset scenario’s!

Drop me an email beentrain (at) or leave a message, and I am happy to add you so that you can add your scenario’s here.

This Workshop is currently in Beta and I am aiming it to be the Workshop for mixed asset scenario’s. Third Rails Workshop is not a replacement for the Steam Workshop. Steam is for scenario’s using Steam Payware, Third Rails is only for scenario’s which can not be published on Steam, although they can  use Steam payware of course. However if you make a cross workshop serie it is possible to publish a Steam Workshop scenario, which links to the Steam Workshop.

Any questions? Drop me a message.

Roland (aka BeenTrain on Steam)


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