Extra Service to Innsbruck

Today you are driving an extra service from Jenbach to Innsbruck for the fans of the FSI Ski World Cup, which took place this weekend on the Finkenberg in Mayrhofen, Zillertal.
Fans of this event have taken the Zillertalbahn to Jenbach, and want to go home now as quickly as possible.

It is a clear, freezing late afternoon. You will be driving the ÖBB 1144. After setting up your loc and letting the passengers in you are cleared to leave at 17:01:30. Since you are an extra service confirm your clearance with SPAD by using TAB.


Payware Assets:

Free Assets:

The free assets are the same as used by the RSSLO scenario’s.

Rolling stock:

Scenario info:

Type: Standard
Name: Extra Service FSI Ski World Cup
Duration: 25 min.
Difficulty: Easy (but be prepared…)
Wheather: Winter – Clear
Download: Download here

Startup procedure ÖBB 1144:

1. SHIFT + B to set Battery
2. P to raise Panthograph
3. Z main switch
4. Increase AFB speed by using Y (C for decrease speed)
5. F for brake
6. Quick release break at 18%

SIFA is default ON, disable by pressing CTRL-SHIFT-A
PZB is default ON, disable by pressing CTRL-SHIFT-S


Have fun, and leave a comment if you like this scenario. Also if you have any issues, please leave a comment.


One thought on “Extra Service to Innsbruck

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  1. Needed several attempts to finish it ( driving with full safety system on ! A fantastic Öbb 1144 in service !

    Thanks !


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