REX 5220 #2 Innsbruck – Brenner

In this scenario you will take the Regional Express 5220 (Kufstein – Brenner) from Innsbruck to Brenner with the ÖBB 4023. Fortunately the weather cleared no more rain so enjoy the scenery.

You are following the real timetable of the REX 5220. You will have stops at Matrei, Steinach in Tirol, St. Jodok, Gries and finally Brenner.

In the first part of this scenario you can drive this train from Kufstein to Innsbruck.

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Payware Assets:

Free Assets:

The free assets are the same as used by the RSSLO scenario’s.
Extra you also need the RAlpin SBB Saadkms.

Rolling stock:

Scenario info:

Type: Standard/Timetabled
Name: REX 5220 #2 Kufstein – Innsbruck
Duration: 70 min.
Difficulty: Easy
Weather: Autumn – Cloudy
Download: Download here

This is a multipart scenario containing 2 scenarios:

Part 1: REX 5220 #1 Kufstein – Innsbruck
Part 2: REX 5220 #2 Innsbruck – Brenner (This scenario)

Have fun, and leave a comment if you like this scenario. Also if you have any issues, please leave a comment.

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