Intermodal transport Southbound – Part 1

Part 1: Munich Ost – Rosenheim
In this cross workshop scenario series you are driving the BR 189 Dispolok with 30 TaschenWagen freight cars, carrying truck trailers, from Munich Ost via Rosenheim to Brennero.

You are starting this Intermodal transport solution by driving to Rosenheim, where you will have to wait before proceeding to Kufstein. The wheather is terrible this early winter day. Management is wondering whether you can gain enough traction to bring this train to Rosenheim.

At first you will be driving on the S-Bahn. At Grafing you will enter the main track where you can expect a few minutes delay because you have a low priority. Your max. speed in this setup is 120 km/h.

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SteamWorkshop scenario

Type: Standard
Duration: 50 mins
Max. speed: 120 km/h
Difficulty : Easy, hard
Download: Download here on Steam Workshop.

The other scenario’s of this series use the RSSLO Brennerbahn.

This scenario is part of a multi cross workshop scenario series:
Part 1: Munich Ost – Rosenheim (This scenario, on Steam Workshop)
Part 2: Gaining traction (Kufstein – Fritzens-Wattens)
Part 3: Heavy hauling on the Brenner


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