Intermodal transport Southbound – Part 2

Part 2: Gaining extra traction (Kufstein – Fritzens-Wattens)
In this cross workshop scenario series you are driving the BR 189 Dispolok with 30 TaschenWagen freight cars, carrying truck trailers, from Munich Ost via Rosenheim to Brennero.

In part 2 you will be driving from Kufstein towards the Brennerbahn. The weather is getting worse, a huge snowstorm is raging in the Inntal valley.
At Fritzens-Wattens an extra loc is ready to join to give you more traction before going up the Brenner pass.

Known issues
I found a few unexpected speed drop issues in the route (or I missed something ;-)), which are probably bugs:
1. Entering station Worgl (100 -> 80km/h)
2. First signal after Tunel destination (100 -> 80km/h)
3. Entering station Stans (100 -> 80km/h)

So be prepared.

Can you make it to Fritzens without any wheelspin?

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Payware Assets:

Free Assets:

The free assets are the same as used by the RSSLO scenario’s.
Extra you also need the RAlpin SBB Saadkms.

Rolling stock:

Scenario info:

Type: Standard
Name: Intermodal Transport Southbound  Part 2
Duration: 45 min.
Difficulty: Hard
Weather: Winter – Snowstorm
Download: Download here

This scenario is part of a multi cross workshop scenario series:
Part 1: Munich Ost – Rosenheim 
Part 2: Gaining traction (This scenario)
Part 3: Heavy hauling on the Brenner

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