Intermodal transport Southbound – Part 3

Part 3: Heavy hauling on the Brenner in severe weather
In this cross workshop scenario series you are driving the BR 189 Dispolok with 30 TaschenWagen freight cars, carrying truck trailers, from Munich Ost via Rosenheim to Brennero.

In part 3 you will drive from Fritzens-Wattens to Brennero. The weather is really bad, a huge snowstorm is raging through the Inntal, and on the Brenner. A lot of services have been canceled, and those that are not are struggling to gain traction.
Fortunately after joining another loc, forming a double traction, you  also got an extra push loc.

You are gonna need all your skills to get your heavy train in this conditions to Brennero. Delays are to be expected, so keep a good eye on the signals.
Other drivers reported very bad traction on the last part between St. Jodok and Brennero. Good luck!

Known issues
I found a few unexpected speed drop issues in the route (or I missed something ;-)), which are probably bugs:
1. Half way the Inntal tunnel speed drop (100 -> 80km/h). You can ignore that.
2. You can’t get enough traction? There is a four loc option download available.

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Payware Assets:

Free Assets:

The free assets are the same as used by the RSSLO scenario’s.
Extra you also need the RAlpin SBB Saadkms.

Rolling stock:

Scenario info:

Type: Standard
Name: Intermodal Transport Southbound  Part 3
Duration: 60 min.
Difficulty: Hard-Very hard
Weather: Winter – Snowstorm
Download: Download here

Less hard version

Trouble gaining traction, not able to get over the pass?
ÖBB was willing to help out with an extra ÖBB 1116 loc, can you do it with four locs?
Download here:  ÖBB helping out.

This scenario is part of a multi cross workshop scenario series:
Part 1: Munich Ost – Rosenheim 
Part 2: Gaining traction 
Part 3: Heavy hauling on the Brenner (this scenario)

7 thoughts on “Intermodal transport Southbound – Part 3

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  1. Now I saw you have changed the originally szenario. Then my commentar wont fit. Dont think anyone has a problem to do it with 4 tractions.
    Lets see, I ll test it.


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