Introducing ThirdRails Radar

We are happy to announce that the ThirdRails Map tools are moved to their own domain:

Please update your bookmarks!

ThirdRails Workshop continue for scenario’s only.

Please note that the content below can navigate to none existing web page.

In  release of the ThirdRails Map tool we have an exciting new feature that we call:

ThirdRails Radar


Traditonaly, a so called live map tool, like TRM, sits on top of Train Simulator. Which is kind of distracting when all you want is a relax ride. With TRR that is no longer needed. By broadcasting the GPS positions to the ThirdRails Radar you can now watch your live map with a browser on any device whether it is your cellphone, tablet or other PC. A real Out-Of-The-Cab live map experience!

No hassle!
We made broadcasting your position hassle free. No server setup or other complex procedures needed.
It is as simple as clicking a link (or maybe type the address once in a browser), or scanning a QR code. That’s all!


All you have to do is concentrate on your driving style!

So how does it work ?
Start following in TRM as always by clicking the follow button. Optional you can start broadcasting your position to the TRR website by clicking the broadcast button which sits beside the follow button.

Once clicked you are presented with your personal tiny URL. Navigate your browser to the URL or simply scan the QR code with your mobile device.
The url will not change over time so once bookmarked you can choose it directly in your browser. (In some occasions the URL might change, f.i. if we move to another domain, or as your personal key changes)

You can now, if you want to, minimize TRM. (Don’t close TRM, it broadcasts your positions!)

HUD less driving
The ThirdRails Radar website offers the same maps and layers as TRM, so you will find there OpenStreetMap, Bing and OpenRailwayMap layers. Using TRR in combination with OpenRailwayMap layers like ‘maxspeed’, makes HUD less driving a piece of cake. On some routes this layers shows even the speed signs at their real position.
TRM will stay the local tool for route/scenario learning, so you will not be able to add POIs on the TRR website.

In version POI’s are automaically uploaded to ThirdRails making HUD less driving even more easy.

  1. Load a project with POI’s
  2. Start following your train
  3. Start Broadcasting to ThirdRails Radar, POI’s are uploaded
  4. Use the POI button on ThirdRails Radar to show or hide POI’s. Default POI’s are hidden.


TRR will be available as Beta/Experimental
The technology is brand new, and we are hosting this at an existing shared domain. (Mind the costs…) Depending on the traffic we will have to see how things perform, and whether we will encounter problems or not.

ThirdRails Radar on an iPad and iPhone:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

ThirdRails Community Radar – Some-kind-of Multiplayer
This might be the first step towards a community radar. What if you could see others driving? That would open a world of possibilities and bring some kind of multiplayer to Train Simulator.

Community Radar is a future development, first we will bring your personal live map to any device.

Stay tuned for more updates!

ThirdRails Radar is now available for download on the ThirdRails Map website.






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