ThirdRails Community Radar, completing the tool chain

We are happy to announce that the ThirdRails Map tools are moved to their own domain:

Please update your bookmarks!

ThirdRails Workshop continue for scenario’s only.

Please note that the content below can navigate to none existing web page.
With the ThirdRails Community Radar we completed the ThirdRails Tool chain for Train Simulator. With ThirdRail Community Radar (TCR) you are able to see all players on a world wide radar just like your local Railway Radar.

At this stage you can see all active players, who uses ThirdRails Radar, at their position, and at what speed they are driving. With the Timetable feature you will be able to jump to their location on the map.
TCR offers a kind of Multiplayer environment, which can offer many new features in the future.

I would love to hear what you would like to see in future developments!

TCR shows all users which broadcast their position to the ThirdRails Radar and offers quick navigation between the two views. ThirdRails Radar only shows your live map and POI’s, with a single click you can view the Community Radar and vice versa.

ThirdRails Radar and ThirdRails Community Radar are experimental!


You can watch the Radar here. More info on ThirdRails Map tool: here.

Explaining the complete ThirdRails tool chain

The ThirdRails tool chain consists of three tools/services:

1. ThirdRails Map (TRM)

ThirdRails Map tool, introduced november this year, is a Windows tool which offers a live map of your journey’s in Train Simulator. To see the live map, you must either have two monitors, or have the TRM tool on top of Train Simulator. You are able to add POI’s of the route you are driving, so TRM is the route learning base tool.

You can download TRM and get more information on the ThirdRail Map website.

2. ThirdRails Radar (TRR)

As said, having the TRM tool on top of Train Simulator is not always ideal. Therefore we introduced in december the possibility in the TRM tool to broadcast your position to ThirdRails Radar (TRR). ThirdRails Radar is a website, which enables you to view your live map on any device (phone, tablet, PC) using a webbrowser. It offers  a real Out-Of-The-Cab live map experience!
You have your personal website address, which is presented to you by the TRM tool at broadcasting.

You can find more information on ThirdRails Radar in the Introducing ThirdRails Radar blogpost.

3. ThirdRails Community Radar (TCR)

ThirdRails Community Radar basically wraps it  all up. It shows all players broadcasting on TRR in one world-wide radar view. I feel it is the beginning of some-sort-of multiplayer environment.

You can view the Radar here*:

*Currently we use an existing domain which we own to experiment all this new technology. Since we will be making costs we want to make sure that the concept works until we make any further investments.

Remember that ThirdRails Radar and ThirdRails Community Radar are currently beta and experimental.



2 thoughts on “ThirdRails Community Radar, completing the tool chain

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  1. This is great. I wonder if it would be ever possible to have a multiplayer environment with some people able to act as train controllers. Although I love Train Simulator, of late I have become more likely to use a flight simulator (Prepar3D) than Train Simulator. One of the major reasons for this is that you get real time interactivity (and have to adjust your plans) when flying on simulated networks such as Vatsim and IVAO. It would be brilliant if something similar could be brought to Train Simulator, where train controllers set your path and the signals, and you can hear other train drivers communicating with train control. Not sure if this will ever be possible, but Third Rails certainly seems the first step on that journey. Keep up the good work. 🙂


    1. Thanks for your feedback Adam! Glad you like it! TTC is certain on the ‘radar’😃. Currently thinking about how to implement such a system. Won’t be an easy task, but could be done step-by-step. Stay tuned!


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