EN 1237 Wien Hbf – Livorno Centrale

In this scenario you are driving the EuroNight (EN 1237) inclusive 4 car carriers from Wiener Neustadt to Bruck an der Mur over the Suedbahn and Semmeringbahn.

It is a quiet night so no problems to be expected. In this configuration your max. speed 120 km/h. To keep the schedule you will have to keep your speed close to this limit, and also close to the limit at the Semmering bahn. (Tip: at climbs you can set your AFB +5 km/h higher then the speed limit.

Two problems:
1. Just before Murzzuschlag you get a PZB emergency break at the 40km/h speed limit, which is probably a bug in the route. (Or my PZB rookieness 😉 )
2. Before Kapfenberg there is a false double yellow for signal. You can ignore that.

Please drive carfully because some people would like to sleep early!

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Payware Assets:


Free Assets:

The free assets are the same as used by the RSSLO scenario’s.

Rolling stock:

Scenario info:

Type: Standard
Name: EN 1237 Wien Hbf – Livorno Centrale
Duration: 85 min.
Difficulty: Easy (Medium to meet the schedule)
Weather: Summer
Max. Speed: 120 km/h
Download: Download here


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