TRM 2.0: Working towards multiplayer

We are happy to announce that the ThirdRails Map tools are moved to their own domain:

Please update your bookmarks!

ThirdRails Workshop continue for scenario’s only.

Please note that the content below can navigate to none existing web page.

Now available!

In the next major release of the ThirdRails Map tool we are working to make the tools and website even more suitable to host multiplayer.

Perparing your broadcast
First step is that we will have to publisch more information about the player and driven service.
In the current release broadcasting is immediately started when clicking the broadcast button, but when more information could be added you will need some time to prepare your broadcast. In the next release you can start the broadcast after adding the additional information.


New optional information
Till now only a tagname and rollingstock was published.
In version 1.2 we will extend this with:

  • Your name, or nick name, optional with Steam Id
  • Train number
  • Origin
  • Destination
  • Stock and info
  • Train Operating Company

There will be a function to create your tagname based on the trainnumber, origin and destination in the format “RJ551 WIE-GRA” as shown in the picture below.


Remark that all information is optional, if you do not want to share any information just start the broadcast immediately.











Some information can be persisted in simple text files, which you maintain. Doing that you will be able to select certain information for reuse. All selection boxes in the above screenshot provide this behavior. You still can change this information during broadcast by clicking CTRL-F3 or by simply reclicking the prepare broadcast button.

Extra information is shown in the player popup on the Community Radar:


Some way of communication is key for multiplayer. Therefor we introduce our ThirdRails GSM-R radio device, which, besides fitting perfectly in your cab, offers three ways to communicate:

  1. Next stop announcements, for publishing your next stop.
  2. Service announcements for text like “Do not board”, “Out of Service”, “SPAD request”
  3. Greet. With greet you can meet other drivers and chat via your tag.

All communication will be shown for max. 30 seconds on the tag at the position which is currently used by your speed. After that the speed will be shown again.

When you open the GPS-R device, you can minimize the TRM tool to clean your cab.




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