ThirdRails EBuLa #1

EBuLa, first introduced by Deutsche Bundsbahn (DB) is an electronic timetable onboard device. EBuLa is an addition to the ThirdRails GPS-R device and will help you with your “Next Stop” announcements.

ThirdRails bringing your service to live!

This short, early preview, video shows how the EBuLa device will work. With the EBuLa device you work through your stops making Next Stop (>), Approach (>>) and Calling at announcements.
Once a Calling at announcement is made the timetable shifts to the next station where the cycle Next Stop – Approach – Calling At restarts.
To make the EBuLa work only Calling at announcements must be made to keep track of your actions. You can skip the others if you like.

Timetables can be made by hand, extracted from scenario’s or, if we can pull it off scrap them from websites like realtimetables.
Data in the timetables is currently limited to Station, arriving time and Platform. Only station is currently required. Some future features might also require other data. (Like auto delay, arriving time accurancy graphs)

EBuLa will be available soon!

If you have a suggestion, or an idea please let me know in the comments!

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