RJ 735 Wien HBF – Maribor 2

Part 2 Wr.Neustadt – Bruck/Mur

Part 2 gets you from Wr.Neustadt to Bruck/Mur. On the way to Neunkirchen there are little Problems with the PZB and Signals. But you will manage it with the help of your dispatcher.

Enjoy the ride over Semmering leading to the „ Steirerland „ the green heart of Austria.In Bruck/Mur you will only stop. Passengerboarding will be done in Part 3.


RSSLO Suedbahn

RWA RJ Advanced

European Loco Asset

Köln – Koblenz



Black Forest Route

Ruhr – Sieg Linie

ÖBB 1144 Wiesel Pack

ÖBB 4020

ÖBB 1044 SHG

ÖBB Talent 4023


RSSLO ÖBB Talent 4024


Laaeks 553


ÖBB 1142/1042

ÖBB 2068 ( AI-LOK)

ÖBB 1144

ÖBB 2043

ÖBB Rnoos

ÖBB Tadgs

ÖBB Doppelstockwagen Wiesel

ÖBB City Shuttle Wendezug

ÖBB Modularwagen

ÖBB Eurofimwagen


ÖBB 4024 Repaintpack

Kesselwagen ZZW v.1

Type:: Standard
Name: RJ 735 Wr.Neustadt – Bruck/Mur

Duratzion:70 min
Difficulty: Easy (but be prepared…)
Wheather: Summer – Clear and very hot


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