ThirdRails Roadmap

Current in development From the Lab Not planned for a release soon, but on the 'radar' Just-In-Time generated path in Quick Drive scenario's based on timetableTWB: Virtual Train Operation Companies (VTOCs)Radar: Multiplayer scenario'sScreenshots from Steam Cloud integrationThirdRails Live Radar app. Webbrowser application for viewing ThirdRails Radar side-by-side with real world radars. (Out now as BETA!... Continue Reading →

ThirdRails for Rookies

Although the installation and use of ThirdRails is hassle free and straight forwarded, all the posibilities can be a bit overwhelming for new users. In this article I will try to explain all the basic functions of ThirdRails from a helicopter view perspective.For the more detailed functions please take a look at the ThirdRails Online Help.... Continue Reading →

The Art of Timetabled rides

With ThirdRails Timetabled Rides you will have literally an unlimited number of scenarios at your disposal! How does this work? In just five steps: 1. Use Quick Drive, Freeroam or standard scenario 2. Create or load a timetable in your broadcast form 3. Open the ThirdRails GPS/Ebula device 4. Setup your train and drive 5.... Continue Reading →

ThirdRails Real Drive

Rail legends, keep it real! ThirdRails Real Drive (tm) extends the gameplay of TS QuickDrive and Freeroam scenario's with a live feature. You will be driving a real service in TS simultaneous  with the real world service, based on a real timetable. Review the The Art of Timetabled rides article on how to work with... Continue Reading →

ThirdRails EBuLa #1

EBuLa, first introduced by Deutsche Bundsbahn (DB) is an electronic timetable onboard device. EBuLa is an addition to the ThirdRails GPS-R device and will help you with your "Next Stop" announcements. ThirdRails bringing your service to live! This short, early preview, video shows how the EBuLa device will work. With the EBuLa device you... Continue Reading →

Extra Service to Innsbruck

Today you are driving an extra service from Jenbach to Innsbruck for the fans of the FSI Ski World Cup, which took place this weekend on the Finkenberg in Mayrhofen, Zillertal. Fans of this event have taken the Zillertalbahn to Jenbach, and want to go home now as quickly as possible. It is a clear,... Continue Reading →

Train Simulator Scenario creator?

Are you a scenario creator making scenario's which may not be published on the Steam Workshop because you use besides Steam Payware, Thirdparty payware or freeware? Join us! And publish your scenario on Third Rails for free, and make this the central Workshop for mixed asset scenario's! Drop me an email beentrain (at) or... Continue Reading →

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