Publishing scenario for Third Rail

In this tutorial you will learn how to publish a scenario as a .rwp file. (Railworks Package file)

Creating your package

  1. Locate the Utilities.exe tool which is typically in the folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks
  2. Launch Utilities.exe
  3. Go to the Packager tab and click refresh to load all your installed assets
  4. Navigate to the route which might be a bunch of numbers. (Look at the scenario details in TS)
  5. Select your your scenario by checking the main checkbox (You can find it by name)
  6. Set your scenario as “Unprotected”
  7. Click “Create Package” and save the .rwp file.

Publish the RWP file

Publish the RWP file on a public place, like Dropbox, Google drive, FTP site, so that people can download it. (Any problem with this? Contact us!)

Create you Workshop item on this site

Create a description conform the template provided by Third Rails including the download link. Give all the needed assets, grouped by Payware and Freeware with download links. At this moment only English is supported

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