Waverley Depot Run (Scenario)

Description: Your task today is to drive this ECS move from Haymarket depot to Edinburgh Waverley Platform 15. A short but relatively slow run, should take around 10 - 15 minutes. This is my first scenario uploaded to the website and I've tried to keep required DLC at a minimum. Feel free to comment any... Continue Reading →

Introducing ThirdRails Map tool

Introducing ThirdRails Map for Train Simulator. TRM is a supporting tool for route learning and scenario creation. TRM follows the path of your train, and on the fly you can add Point of Interests (POI's) to the map where they will be presented as call outs. You can save this into a ThirdRails Project file... Continue Reading →

Test rides BR 440 Coradia Continental

DB is testing the DB BR 440, Coradia Continental in the Altenburg/Wildau area. Today you are driving the stopping service from Altenburg to Wildau stopping at all stations. It is a beautiful sunny day, traffic is normal so there are no problems to be expected. Please report your findings to DB staff after the trip.... Continue Reading →

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