Intermodal transport Southbound – Part 1

Part 1: Munich Ost - Rosenheim In this cross workshop scenario series you are driving the BR 189 Dispolok with 30 TaschenWagen freight cars, carrying truck trailers, from Munich Ost via Rosenheim to Brennero. You are starting this Intermodal transport solution by driving to Rosenheim, where you will have to wait before proceeding to Kufstein.... Continue Reading →

Test rides BR 440 Coradia Continental

DB is testing the DB BR 440, Coradia Continental in the Altenburg/Wildau area. Today you are driving the stopping service from Altenburg to Wildau stopping at all stations. It is a beautiful sunny day, traffic is normal so there are no problems to be expected. Please report your findings to DB staff after the trip.... Continue Reading →

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