RJ 735 Wien HBF – Maribor 4

Part 4 RJ 735 Spielfeld - Maribor Now the grand finale. Passengers are already on board. Wait for clearance and on it goes to Maribor Tezno „ Endstation „. Last task is to get the train to a siding, where it will be cleaned for driving back to Wien HBF. As always : GUTE FAHRT... Continue Reading →

RJ 735 Wien HBF – Maribor 3

Part 3 Bruck/Mur - Spielfeld Strass Finally you are in Bruck/Mur. Now the boarding takes place and soon you will continue the ride. Though the dispatcher informs you as usual, watch out for signals and especially for speed reductions. Slow down early enough, otherwise you will get the Emergency Breaks. First stop in Graz HBF.... Continue Reading →

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